Visiting the National Museum

8.2.2016 We were very fortunate to get professor Matti Klinge to lecture us in The National Museum of Finland. Professor Klinge is a history researcher and still contributes to social debate.

Professor Klinge in the middle and our teachers Ulla-Maija Rouhiainen and Anu Nylund.

It was so interesting to hear about the stories behind the things and objects. And as we got in outside the normal operating hours, we could discuss things without bothering the other guests.

In the lobby of the museum there are beautiful frescos by Akseli-Gallen-Kallela (1928).
A perpetual motion machine. Made by Mikko Minkkinen (1858-1930). I’m sure this is a huge surprise to everybody, but the thing doesn’t work 🙂 However, the machine was in Hankasalmi agricultural exhibition in 1935 and people said it was working for 15 minutes quietly hissing…
This is a handbag. It really is. It’s made of seashell and it’s less than 10 cm long. I wonder what women could use it for? 🙂
Throne of the Emperor. Made in 1787 in Russia and transported to Finland in 1809. Nowadays Finland is a democracy and we have a President, so no need for this throne anymore.
The national animal in Finland is bear. This lonely bear sits in front of the National Museum. It’s not dangerous at all 🙂
National Museum from the outside. It looks like a church, but it was designed to be a museum. The building was completed in year 1910.

Well this was an interesting day! I’ve learned a lot 🙂

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