How does one become a guide?

In the About me -section you’ll find a short story  of me explaining what I’ve done before. But now – I wanted to be able to professionally guide people who visit Helsinki and Finland. So I contacted Helmi Travel & Business College in Helsinki and sent my application. I was accepted to the interview. The interview went well and I was accepted to be a student in Helmi. There were 63 applicants and 28 of them got in.

September 7th was the first day at studying or actually orientating. The next day starting continued.

This is my leg on the table. I broke my ankle few days before the school started. Doctor’s order: because the leg has been operated, it must be elevated when ever possible.

Through out the autumn we had lessons about guiding and things related to tourism.

November 3rd. Lesson about  sustainable things and how not to use excuses for not being a responsible guide.



November 18 th: About Finnish Sauna. Saunas comes in all shapes and forms. Even a bus can be a sauna. 🙂
25th of November: Visiting Musiikkitalo (the Music Center) in Helsinki.


3rd of December. Visiting The Helsinki Railwaystation
3rd of December. Ice rink in Helsinki city center.
3rd of December. Helsinki Airport.


17th of December. Design Museum in Helsinki.
17th of December. Design museum.Princess Leia wore designer Björn Weckströms necklace in the movie Star Wars (1977).
17th of December. Design museum. Fiskars scissors .

That was the autumn of the school. And we were off to our summer vacation.

But what about the question in the title? How does one become a guide? Well, I think it happens by learning, studying, reading, visiting places and just being curious about things 🙂

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