Acting in the Theater Museum

16.2.2016 We met our teachers in Kaapelitehdas in Theater Museum. Kaapelitehdas used to be a cable factory, but it’s now transformed to a cultural center. Kaapelitehdas is a home for some museums (The Finnish Museum of Photography), galleries, dance theaters, etc.

First we got a short introduction to the Museum. Then we discussed about performance anxiety and about things related to talking in public. We had some exercise on how to face people and how some small things in your behavior can make or brake the interaction.

Some masks from India

We practiced how to use the microphone and our voice. We talked about clothing and how it affects our appearance.

Our working space.

At the end we had to make a 5 minutes play of what we learned today.

The Stage 🙂
Clothes in the museum
A miniature stage set.

I think this was quite a nice day 🙂

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