About Me

About Me


This is me, Anne-Marie Front.  In the Red headed guide -blog I’ll tell you about my work as a guide in Helsinki (or Finland) and as a driver of taxis and buses.

I wasn’t born quite this red headed, but my motto on my hair is: I’m not going to blend to the wallpaper anyway, so why not go over the top  🙂

My first profession was a gardener. I’m still very interested on parks, cemeteries, gardens, etc. And fortunately I still remember many of the plants names in Latin so I can use this knowledge in my guiding.

After few curve balls in life I  began to drive taxi in 1994. I love meeting people from all over the world and I love driving, so it was a good match. I still enjoy and love Helsinki – even after all of these years of driving a taxi.

Me and my husband own a company called Taxilady Oy and we have a few charter buses, a 16 seater and taxis to help people, who need to go places or just circle around. I drive the also the buses when and if needed.

Also in this blog I tell something about my hobbies. My hobbies are actually quite normal Finnish hobbies: traveling, photography and crafts. All the pictures in this blog are from my camera if not mentioned otherwise.

I hope you enjoy the blog 🙂